An Investment Strategy that has Stood the Test of Time.*

R&I provides DIY investors with strategies to improve portfolio diversification and with insights to assist protect their portfolio from market risks.

R&I is the specialist in momentum investing for the private investor.

Investors employ our strategies to discover the stocks within the S&P/ASX200 & S&P500 displaying strong price momentum; when to buy them and when to sell.

Additionally, our research aims to identify high-risk phases of the market where cash may be a safer option to protect your portfolio.

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Identify Market Opportunities & Threats

R&I provide insights and tools to assist DIY investors to identify market opportunities and to protect from market threats whilst enhancing portfolio diversification.

Our investment approach


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Why Us?

Our Investment team has a depth of experience from funds management, stockbroking, IT and academia. This depth of expertise provides significant insight to help the DIY investor better manage their portfolio.


Growth Strategies
for DIY Investors

  • Enhance Your Portfolios Diversification

    A portfolio based approach to the top ranked momentum stocks in the ASX200 and S&P500.

  • Better Manage Market Downturns

    We identify high risk markets and convert our portfolios to cash to avoid large drawdowns or GFC type events.

  • Don't Rely on Buy, Hold and Hope

    Tested investment principles utilised by institutional money managers that you can use to manage individual stocks and assist in managing your overall portfolio.

Our Research Plans

  • Weekly market analysis on risks, opportunities and threats to your portfolio.
  • Model portfolio rebalanced monthly, sector analysis, positive and negative trends you need to be aware of.
  • Educational insights covering key investing themes & strategies.
  • The top 20 momentum stocks including when to buy and sell.

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