About Us

Research and Investments (R&I) offers DIY investors principles used by hedge funds and institutions to better manage their portfolio. We provide insights and tools to assist DIY investors to identify market opportunities and to protect from market threats whilst enhancing portfolio diversification.

Tony Porter & Dr Bruce Vanstone (consultant) between them have over 30 years financial services experience and specialise in quantitative investing and developing systematic investment models. The team have published numerous books and articles on investing as well as managing equity and derivative based funds for over a decade.

“R&I is the fusion of investment research and technology for use by the DIY investor”


“R&I’s sole focus is to help you become a
better investor and to move you closer to your investment
and portfolio goals.”


We assist DIY investors to get back control of their investment portfolios through a disciplined portfolio management approach.


Buy and hope is not an investment strategy. We give investors insight into the markets to support their investment decision making.


We offer diversification of strategy to traditional investment managers and DIY investors through our active momentum strategies.


We actively educate and produce timely market insight for the benefit of our subscribers through our research.