R&I S&P500


R&I’s S&P500 Momentum portfolio offers a unique equities solution that provides downside risk management plus a portfolio set to take advantage of market growth within one of the world’s premier investment markets.

The portfolio is suited for investors seeking portfolio growth over a 5 – 10 year time horizon.

Key Takeaways

  • The top 20 momentum stocks identified each month within the S&P500.
  • S&P500 used for liquidity and risk management purposes.
  • Primary investment focus is for portfolio growth.
  • Barometer for global growth & capital markets.

R&I Momentum vs. S&P500

S&P500 Oct Performance
Disclaimer : Investment performance is excluding any transaction fees applicable. Value of $100,000 invested since inception.
Key Features
Investment Strategy Growth Based Quantitative
Asset Classes S&P500 & Cash
Stock Weighting 0-100%
Cash Allocation 0-100%
Investment Ranking Identify top 20 stocks displaying momentum with top 10 typically forming the portfolio.
Typical Number of stocks in Portfolio 0 to 10
Rebalance Monthly
Subscriber limit 1,100 subscribers